The Wild Files: Oak Meadow Kids

Each Month we plan to bring a story to you which will provide some insight into something we're passionate about here at We the Wild Collective. It may be label, a topic close to our hearts or even a little journal post about where we're standing at that point in time. We hope it gives you a little insight into the ethos behind We the Wild Collective and a little window into our soul. 

Welcome to our first "Wild File" 

We're lucky enough to be able to stock an amazing kids wear brand; Oak Meadow Kids. 

This label is amazing! The clothing is unique and very small production runs. It's all about slow fashion, ethical sourcing and being as kind to the environment as possible. 

What makes this label so amazing is the woman behind it all. Her vision as a designer and the processes she takes to make her clothing. 

We sat down with Madeleine from Oak Meadow Kids and asked her some questions about her label to give everyone a little insight into it's conception and what it really means to be a a business owner. 

We hope you enjoy this bit of insight into this beautiful kids label.

1. What does Oak Meadow Kids mean to you?

Inspiration, kindness, love, creating, natural, and most of all creating an impact that brings happiness.

2. What is your favourite garment within your collections?

Honestly it’s tough... I feel like I fall in love with each creation, purely because my time is so valuable between my family and friends & when I’m designing I truly pour my heart into each design. I could narrow it down to the beautiful sile smock; it’s all my dreams come true. The entire process truly makes me feel so good to be able to sell garments and provide the process to my lovely customers. It’s really rewarding.

3. Tell us a meaningful story behind one of the garments you produce

Wildflower overalls. When I first received my sample of the wildflower overalls I was completely blown away yet so scared. I’m so lucky to have a beautiful textile designer who works very close with me, she and I make a great time and she really “gets” my style and approach. When she put together my first designs of cosmic garden it was super special. I never imagined that I would be doing prints along with my tie dying and if I hadn’t met my beautiful textile designer - wildflower would never have come to life .... I thank her always as we continue to create magic together.

4. You do a lot of natural dying; what is your favourite colour and what produces that colour?

My favourite colour ...... gosh ..... first thing that comes to mind would be lavender . Even tho I don’t sell much lavander as current I really adore the soft, sweet colour. I actually make lavander using cabbage leaves.

5. What is your biggest challenge as a business owner?

The biggest challenge has been putting it all together. Because I started oak meadow kids as a hobby, I didn’t have swing tags, labels etc .... it’s really grown rapidly in the past 6 months so I’ve had to fine tune things ... all those small things I find people sort of work out before they begin . Hahaha ... also I have been finding it hard to fall into the “drops” like spring, summer, autumn, winter. I really create as I feel and release as I feel but this can be challenging.

6. What's your biggest reward as a business owner?

The LOVE.... the constant love I get every single day from my beautiful, loyal customers. It honestly brings tears and smiles. It’s sooo rewarding !!!! And being able to be with my children everyday. That’s very precious to me and my husband.

7. What does the future hold for Oak Meadow Kids?

The future .... it’s hard to plan the future... I’m working on a few things as always, I’m very impulsive and always aim high- I’m a Leo haha . But I am trying to focus on boys range for next year... And a more staple, plant dyed baby essentials range.


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