The Wild Files: Indian Summer Co.

We're sure you've head of Indian summer Co. and if you haven't go and check out the options we have now! 

This label is such a great mix of styles which are comfortable, stylish, timeless and produced using natural fibres.

We're lucky to be a stockist of this amazing label and their most recent collection "Haveli Island"

We're luckier still that the designer of this label; Lisa Redman, has taken the time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for us here at We The Wild Collective. 

So we hereby bring you the second instalment of our "Wild Files" with a little sit down Q & A with Lisa from Indian summer Co.

1. When did you start Indian Summer Co. and where did the idea come from? 

The first release of Indian Summer was in the Spring of 2017.
It was a collection of Natural Linens teamed with our very first Signature print.  
The Collection was a huge success.
Indian Summer is exactly what I have always envisioned and wanted to create for as long as I can remember.
It has taken a few attempts to get to where I am today. 
Right now I am exactly where I want to be.
2. How often does Indian Summer Co. release a collection?
At present I release two collections per year.  
A Spring and a Summer Collection.
I will be introducing a third range as I will be expanding into the US market starting in 2019.
3. What’s your biggest inspiration as a clothing designer?
My biggest inspiration would definitely be my lifestyle. I know its such a cliche, but I really do make clothes that I want to wear and feel comfortable in.
I love clothes that can be worn through from morning beach hangs to sunset soirees. 
Not that I have much time for either these days.
4. What inspired your latest collection; Haveli Island?
My Inspiration was definitely drawn from my love of Vintage Indian prints with subtle earthy tones and floaty silhouettes.
I want each piece to be timeless so that it can be treasured for years to come. 
5. If you had to pick a favourite piece from this collection, which would it be?
Definitely the Ira Smock in Herb. I fell in love with this shape and the colours in the print, its so easy to wear. 
It is a direct nod to the Silk Road trail.  Anything Vintage India inspired is my go to.
6. What’s your favourite fabric to work with and why?
Anything that is essentially a natural fibre. 
I love how it breaths when you wear it.
It feels so soft and lovely on your skin. 
7. What’s your plan for Indian Summer Co. for the future?  
Plans or can get blurry.
I am always coming up with so many new dreams for Indian Summer, they are forever changing as the Label finds it's way.
The response so far has been overwhelming at times, I am truly grateful for this.
Next year is looking amazing the collections are both complete and I think they are the best ones yet.
I am ready for a busy year with a few surprises in the pipeline that have been in the planning for a few months now.
Its crazy how far ahead you need to be prepared.
Lets just say 2020 is going to be a big year as well.
8. What’s a piece of life advice or mantra you live by? 
Stay close to people who feel like Sunshine. 🌞 

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