The Wild Files: Business updates and our plans for the future

So, I promised this blog a little while back and here it is! 

I cannot believe it's been almost a year since launching our little online store. October 28th is the official one year anniversary (pretty chuffed!!) and it's less than a month away!

I thought I'd give anyone wondering a little insight into running a small business while managing #mumlife (as well as working a few days a week)

All the mums out there know that being a mum is the most rewarding job but it's also at times demanding. You need to make time for yourself. I found working part time and being a mum just wasn't fulfilling my career needs hence I thought what better time than to launch my own little online store selling the labels I love! And here we are today. 

We love selling the labels we sell and each one of them is equally supportive to us as a business. 

As my background is in the fashion industry I thought this year would be the time to get our own label launched and so in July this year we did just that!! Here's a few happy snaps of our little family from a recent shoot we did with Emma Veness who is an awesome local Melbourne photographer


Above is yours truly and my little girl Millie who is really the heart and soul of everything I do (as most mums I'm sure).

As those who follow me on instagram would have seen, we have an exciting new range coming out for summer and we cannot wait for it! We've had such an amazing reaction to those pieces so far and we're so pumped that you guys love our designs as much as do! 

For those who missed out, here's a little sneak peek of what's coming very very soon!!

These cute little pieces will be launching online for pre sale at the end of October in celebration of our 1st birthday! We'll also have some more amazing little pieces coming and a few pieces for the ladies this time too. 

So as I continue to work hard on my little dream and build my empire (hehe) there are definitely people who deserve big thanks for all the support. 

My man of course and the family we've created and the rest of my family and friends who've collectively been my biggest cheerleaders. 

I'm going to share a little quote to finish; 

"What if I fall?
But what if you fly?"


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