What has this taught you?

What a time we’ve experienced. COVID - 19 has had a huge impact on us all, globally. 
And how strange its been to have been brought together on a global level by a virus. The impact worldwide has created a strange form of connection for the global community and to see how it’s impacted each nation so differently has been something of awe. 
There’s a beauty in all of this having happened. We’ve had to slow down and truly re-evaluate what’s important in our lives. 
Not being able to visit parks or go out for a meal with family and friends or even go for a day of retail therapy has made us think outside the box on how we entertain ourselves. 
Also, having owned a small online business through this time, it’s really had a negative impact on sales. However, this fear is now starting to lift as people begin spending again. Which is a great sign for our economy. 
And I must say, that creatively, this period has actually been a blessing. It’s motivated me to want to work harder. It’s given me time to think about where I want my business to succeed and how I’m going to make that happen. 
The reception to our recent designs has been huge and truly unexpected. It’s been a huge launch forward which is nothing short of exciting. 
So what has this particular situation taught me? It’s taught me to connect to life on a more spiritual level and on a level which I’ve never experienced before. 
Taking time out to just be…be with my daughter, be with my thoughts and realise what’s truly important in life. 
And while there have been negative aspects to this…like people losing their lives, not being able to spend time with friends and family or being able to travel, it’s definitely had it’s positive moments. 
Our air is clean, our water is clear, the skies are blue where they’ve not been in a long time and it’s given our planet a bit of reprieve to reset itself. It’s oceans, it’s animals, it’s environment. 
It makes me realise that there is more to be done to create a cleaner and brighter future for all the generations to come, who deserve to be able to enjoy this planet for all it has to offer. 
I hope this experience teaches people to live a little slower and to live life more consciously…connect with yourselves on a deeper level and learn to love yourself. 
What has it taught you? I’d love to hear from you!

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